Masterclass: Make Your Voice Heard – Podcast Development by PRX


Sunday: 13:00 – 16:00 Lisbon Congress Centre (LCC)

Price: 55 Euro + VAT

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The Masterclass will introduce you to human-centered design and how to take a clearer path to success, when thinking of your audience. Designing for someone instead of for everyone, so your show stand out from the crowd. 

How a good design project is made stronger by having a clear and defined sense of the listener, and an understanding of how the thing you’re creating will be useful and meaningful to them. This is doubly true for podcasting – with the mediums wealth of niches.

Knowing that the podcasters in Podcast Garage will come from a wide variety of backgrounds, the PRX training team will be sure to include some technical practice around recording and editing skills with a producer and a PRX Podcast Garage operations manager.  The Masterclass will also take on the basics of storytelling, give an overview of the podcasting landscape and a primer on distribution and metrics.

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