Mental Health Minute – Planning how radio reaches 90% of a population at Radiodays Europe 2022


Changing lives & getting the message out there

What happens when all the radio broadcasters in your country put their competitive differences aside and join together to share the same message? Being able to reach 90% of the population with one message is a feat that many dream of but radio can deliver. Such a feat has been done in the UK with Mental Health Minute and in Ireland with Choose Radio initiatives. Hear how such initiatives are planned and executed and how radio has the power to touch so many people with one simple message!

Some of the speakers in this session include Lucy Barrett, Client Director, Radiocentre. Lucy joined Radiocentre as Client Director in 2015, to champion the value and impact of commercial radio among advertisers and agencies. Her mission is to help advertisers See Radio Differently by highlighting record audiences and the proven brand and business driving effects of the medium. Lucy is also President of The World Radio Alliance a group of trade associations representing radio broadcasters and sales houses in Europe, the US, Canada and Australia.

George Butler, Head of Marketing, Radiocentre. George is Head of Marketing at Radiocentre in the UK and a presenter on national radio station Fun Kids. He is responsible for Radiocentre’s marketing activities including their ad campaigns and national events series Tuning In. George also manages the award winning cross-industry initiative the Mental Health Minute, which unites over 500 stations across the UK to simultaneously play the same minute of audio.


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