More sessions added to the preliminary programme


We have added even more sessions to the Radiodays Europe Preliminary Programme. You can find the list of sessions description here

For a quick overview please see the list of sessions: 

  • Technology and disruption: How the world will be listening in 10 years – Ben Hammersley (Futurist, Contributing Editor, Wired, and Principal of Hammersley Futures, UK)
  • Norway – the land of digital radio – Ole Jorgen Torvmark (CEO, Digitalradio Norge, Norway), Jon Braenes (Acting Head of Radio, NRK, Norway), Kenneth Andresen (Head of P4 MTG, Norway) and Lasse Kokvik (CEO, Bauer Media, Norway)
  • How to launch a new show – Dave Berry (the Dave Berry Show, UK) and Paul Sylvester (Head of Content, Absolute Radio, UK)
  • Creating powerful imaging – Staxx Williams (Creative Service Director, Z100 New York, USA) 
  • Reasons to be Cheerful – a politician and DJ’s podcast adventure – Ed Miliband (MP, ex-leader of Labour, UK), Geoff Lloyd (Presenter and writer, UK)
  • From personal brand to winning content – Jo Stanley (Morning show host, Comedian, Actor, Australia)
  • “Nancy” – Finding the balance – Kathy Tu and Tobin Low (The Nancy show, WNYC Studios, USA)
  • The secret science of pop – Armand Leroi (Author, broadcaster and evolutionary biologist, UK)
  • Midge Ure – On stage, in conversation – Midge Ure 
  • Smart speakers about smart speakers – Laurent Frisch (Head of Digital, Radio France, France), Jonas Bedford-Strohm (Team lead Alexa, BR, Germany), Nicky Birch (Rosina Sound, UK), Tom Webster (Edison Research, USA)
  • Morning show talent coaching – Dennis Clark (Vice President of Talent Development, iHeartMedia, USA)
  • Winning strategies to lead creative change – Linda Green (Director, Leading Creative Talent, UK)
  • Exploring the psychology of talent: Leading performers to their peak and beyond- Travis Kemp (Consulting, Coaching & Organizational Psychologist, Australia)
  • Kratky & Stöckl – Robert Kratky (Breakfast Host, Ö3) and Claudia Stöckl (Journalist and Host, Ö3, ORF, Austria)
  • 3 shows, 3 successes – Jonas Gülstorff (Songwriter, DR, Denmark), Serge Schick (Head of Strategic Marketing and Development, Radio France), Denis Avdic (Breakfast Host, Radio 1, Slovenia)
  • Women in radio – Christiana Jankovits and Ulrike Weustenhagen (ORF Women Task Force, Austria), Cilla Benkö (DG, SR, Sweden), Nicky Birch (Rosina Sound and Sound Women, UK)
  • Innovations from Austria – Rüdiger Landgraf (PD, Kronehit, Austria), Albert Malli (Vice PD, Ö3, ORF), Florian Novak (Founder of Tonio, Austria)
  • Why Kool brands hate radio – Thomas Grabner (Global CEO, Kastner and Partners, Austria), Ralph van Dijk (Founder & Executive Creative Director, Eardrum, Australia), Bart de Kool (KFC, Netherlands)
  • Festivals, digital and programmatic – How Global is developing its business – Stuart Mays (Director for Commercial Strategy, Global, UK)
  • Getting it together – Siobhan Kenny (CEO, Radiocentre, UK)
  • Show me the money – Dan Healy (Head of 2FM and Head of Radio Strategy for RTÉ, Ireland)
  • How to talk to your listeners: Should you treat radio like insta & You Tube? – Dieuwertje Valentijn (Programme Manager Qmusic, the Netherlands)
  • How to write funny for lazy people – Philip Maes (Copywriter and Radio Specialist, Belgium)
  • Keeping pace with digital Giants – Ina Tenz (PD and GM Content, Antenne Bayern, Germany), Robert Forster (CEO Multicast Media, Germany), Caroline Graze (MD, Radioplayer Germany)
  • What we remember – Robert F. Potter (Professor and the Director, Institute for Communication Research at Indiana University, USA)
  • Emotions and stories: the boom of sound documentaries – Vanessa Rodrigues (Journalist, Director and Professor, Portugal), Laura Romero (Audio Producer and Professor, Spain), Rosa Fernandez (Producer, P3 Documentary, SR, Sweden)
  • Cinematic radio: A film for the ears – Penelope Thomas (Producer and Project Manager Applied Industry Research for Innovation, AFTRS, Australia)
  • Local radio: Making a difference – Michele Livesey (Chief Reporter, Key 103, UK), Jon Koldenius (Audience Engagement Editor, P4, Sweden), Chuse Fernandez (Director, TEA FM, Spain)
  • Podcasting – where is it going? – Tom Webster (Edison Research, USA) and James Cridland (Managing Editor, Podnews, Australia)
  • Podcasts: Doing sport differently
  • The world’s greatest music: What we can learn from classical music radio – Susanna Arpi (DR, Denmark), Elke Tschaikner (ORF, Austria), (Els De Baets, VRT, Belgium)
  • Fact checking: the right tools and good practices – Wilfried Runde (Head of Innovation Projects, Deutsche Welle, Germany), N.N. (Google News Lab, France)
  • News – how to engage a new generation – Emma Theedom (BBC Audience Research, UK), Aslak Gottlieb (University of Southern Denmark)
  • Battle for the dashboard episode II: the audio strikes back!
  • New digital audio-first news expression  – Josef el Mahdi (Project Manager & Journalist, Swedish Radio, Sweden)
  • Mobile journalism (MOJO) – Glen Mulcahy (Founder, Titanium Media, Ireland)
  • Total Audience Measurement – TAM – Kristian Tolonen (Head of Audience Research, NRK, Norway), Emmanuelle Henry (Head of Market Research, Radio France, France)
  • Digital strategies for radio – what the research says – Alison Winter (Head of Audiences, BBC, UK)
  • Re-evaluating media – Mark Barber (Planning Director, Radiocentre, UK)
  • Programmatic advertising in FM – cure or cancer? – Martin Baumgartner (Head of Business Development, Swissradioworld, Switzerland), Stuart Mays (Director of Commercial Strategy, Global, UK)
  • Top 10 radio promotions – Niall Power (Head of Station Sound, Beat 102-103, Ireland)
  • When I messed up: What we can learn from our mistakes – Ben Hammersley (Hammersley Futures, UK), Filippo Solibello (RAI, Italy), Dan Healey (RTÉ, Ireland)
  • From state propaganda to public media in Ukraine – Zurab Alasania (CEO, Public Broadcaster of Ukraine, Ukraine)
  • Radio Summit
  • 30 ideas in 45 minutes

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