Morning radio superstars and their secret recipe


In a standing ­room only session Bruno Guillon (Fun Radio, France), Gry Forssell (Mix Megapol, Sweden) and Elvis Duran (Z100, USA) explained what it means to be a personality on the radio in the morning. Elvis Duran: “I have been told to aim my content at women aged 28, but I want everybody to  listen. We talk about what life is about and we’ve found that the smaller most insignificant things are often more interesting than the bigger stories”. The three seasoned presenters kept coming back to what they labeled as “being real” and “true”. Gry Forssell: “You can spend as much time as you want prepping your show, but the best prep is to live life and experience it.”Elvis Duran: “I email myself whenever there is anything I think can be useful. Often I wake up in the morning asking myself what on earth I was thinking.”

The session touched on recent tragic events in Paris and the breakfast presenter’s role in the  aftermath.  Bruno Guillon: “After the attacks in January I found it really difficult to prepare. I decided to reach out on social media and ask for people to phone in and leave a message with their thoughts. That way we could all share.” Elvis Duran too has had tragedy to deal with in New York, but he felt the breakfast show was there for everyday tragedies too. “Every day something happens in someone’s life and it is a  tragedy to that person. We are the friend they can depend upon to guide them through it. We are important to them, and them to us.”

A really compelling session full of thought­provoking insights.

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