Music meets radio – a changing relationship


The main theme of the talk was how the relationship between music producers, the record industry and radio is changing.


It was a public mic/floor event so every question was welcomed, which was a great forum for an open and interesting discussion, and the audience fired really interesting and probing questions at the speakers.


It was great to hear this subject discussed from an independent label manager/music producer’s perspective, being interviewed by a really clued-up music journalist.


They covered a vast range of topics in the time, including how to reach out to a younger audience;  the big question of streaming or downloading – how do you get people to listen to music on radio instead of streaming music from eg Spotify, or downloading music?


It’s an unprecedented climate we have now when you can get the music for free with stream and/or download, and so you really have to think about how to get audience to your music programme on the radio. Perhaps through the use of guides to new music which can only be found via the radio programme. It’s all about making an exclusive offer to your audience that they can’t find anywhere else.


A really exciting session enhanced by first-hand, proven experience!


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