Everything you ever needed to know about Programmatic Advertising


Agencies and advertisers are embracing automated processes and data-driven media buying, and the radio industry must get on board to stay competitive.


This compelling session addressed some key questions. Why should radio companies get involved with Programmatic Advertising? What is needed? Jean-Pierre Cassaing (HAVAS Media France), Yuri Loburets from egta, Belgium and Allard Posthumus (The Media Exchange Netherlands). shared a number of key points:


You can personalise advertising – radio listeners hear customised ads. If you have data about your listeners – what they’re interested in – you can use that knowledge to target advertising to them specifically.


Storytelling. Using other media; if you know someone heard your ad, when they go to a newspaper site, you can advertise there too. Create a story about your brand with technology, analyse post listen visits – track the customer journey.


Have the ability to see if someone goes to a website/buys product after hearing a radio commercial, and find out what works, and what doesn’t!


Keep advertising concise and relevant – greater efficiency and use of resources.


Add ‘local magic’, utilising the unique differences and dynamics of each region.


Develop a pricing strategy – the more data you have about your listeners, the more valuable they become.


This enlightening session gave an enthralled room a really good insight into the importance of Programmatic Advertising.


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