New premium offer for radio leaders: Creative Leadership Programme

Berlin School for Creative Leadership

In addition to the full RDE conference, you will get 2 days of training prior to the conference, and during the conference you will get access to closed-door meetings with key leaders in radio, speakers at RDE, morning, lunch and afternoon.


  • I think this an interesting offer for people who want to get more out RDE than just attending the conference. Over these 4 days you will work with other radio leaders in highly interactive sessions about creative leadership today. And you will also get a number more in depth talks with some of the world´s most important radio leaders, says Anders Held, RDE Manager.
  • This is definitely a true premium experience, and we are proud to be able to offer this Creative Leadership programme in cooperation with Berlin School of Creative Leadership. 


What Participants Receive:

– 2 full days of advanced leadership training focused on innovation and creativity

– Full access to RDE conference, including networking events Sunday and Monday night

– Exclusive closed-door “VIP” meetings with top industry leaders and speakers from RDE


See full programme and register

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