A new project announced ‘Bridging Broadcast & Digital’

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Bridging broadcast & digital


A new initiative for Radiodays Europe is announced today! Radiodays Europe & Strategic Partner David Systems is launching a project which focuses on Bridging Broadcast & Digital. 

The idea of bridging broadcast and digital is not new in the Audio space. It is aimed at producing content that can serve diverse distribution endpoints. Most broadcast organisations are considering, in the process, or even merging organisations to reach this aim. How can we serve this bridge and increase diversity in roles, experiences, cultures, people, companies, languages.

Radiodays is exploring how can we encourage innovation in tech and processes to build and strengthen the bridge of broadcast and digital. In return, a stronger bridge benefits diversity in all aspects, hence enabling us to continuously learn and improve. The theme of Bridging will run through Radiodays Europe this year. The first announcement on this theme is a session in the conference programme.

The session

13.45–14.30 Bridging broadcast & digital with David Systems Multi-host interactive audience session – Speakers include: Marlies Hartendorf (Qmusic), Lillian Xu (New York Public Radio), Albert Menacher (Berlin Briefing) and Sam Bonham (BBC).

Follow the tags in the programme

If you want to follow the Bridging tags through the programme this will lead you to the sessions which we feel embody the idea of bridging broadcast and digital! Just choose ‘topics’ in the programme filter and check Bridging broadcast and digital! 

Join this interactive session where the audience is part of the discussion! 


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