Podcast Day: The first Radiodays Europe Podcast Day 2017 – the pioneers!


200 delegates from 22 countries and 25 speakers made up what was a fantastic start to Radiodays Europe Podcast Day. It was a day full of excitement for all things Podcast. The day charted the rise of the Podcast, looked at the various successes in the podcast world, how podcasts are now being monetised and what the future holds for podcasts and podcasters.

The day started with some fantastic speakers who looked at the world of podcasting from all angles. As the day went on it was clear that podcasting is a growth industry with huge amount of potential especially when it comes to attracting young and niche audiences. The value of podcasting in monetary terms is also only just being realised and advertisers are now seeing the potential. From a content perspective the freedom podcasting allows is a break from traditional radio and is fuelling some hard hitting journalism on subjects that may be too difficult for main stream media to tackle at the current time. The word ‘pioneers’ was used throughout the day to describe this new digital media. Not only content but the format of the podcast and the way people listen is also a new and exciting path which is leading podcasters to become innovators in the audio space. 

Anders Held, Project Manager, Radiodays Europe said ‘We couldn’t have wished for a better start up of a conference. The speakers, the topics, the content were really exciting and the delegates were 100% enthusiastic about this new event. The world of podcasting is only going to grow in importance in the digital audio world of the future and we want to be there to see it. Radiodays Europe is committed to shining a light on where the podcast industry is going  and we see all of the people involved as important in ensure the future of audio media’.

You can read all of the highlights from the day here in the ‘News‘ section of our website. 

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