Podcasts: it’s all about creating emotions

In a block about how to start a podcast, James Cridland (Podnews) talked about what are the size, shapes and differences in podcast markets. Based on statistics the US listening of podcast is growing as well as US podcast ads revenue. He mentioned more opportunities in native podcasts, creators should take advantage of their own platforms and use their own unique promotional opportunities to push a new show at launch. Take the opportunity to form daily habits of podcasts.

Every successful podcast solves a problem. Eric Nuzum (Author) talked about podcasters who need to understand the emotional reaction which you are trying to convey. Another important question you should ask yourself is how to find the right audience? – Illustrate your podcast idea with a fictional target listener and character and talk to him daily.

When it comes to pitching a podcast Leanne Alies (BBC) tip sounds: make your own podcast bible which asks you questions like What story am i telling and what is the purpose of the show? Don’t forget about how you can be creative with a format beyond and conversations. And the last important thing is adding visuals, that is a massive thing to catch up with the audience.

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