Programmatic advertising – friend? Or foe?

What if you were able to broadcast specific ads for the area, filter them according to age, lifestyle and control their repetition? Paul Cranwell presents AdTonos – a multi-audio service enabling users to publish ads in radio, podcasts and even in video games.

This UK-based company has grown its market in Europe to 1.5 billion since 2017 with their programmable ads. But why should you, as a publisher, use the product?

One of the main reasons is cost efficiency, since the ads target specific audience. The reports are transparent and easily available, with the simple operational system. And for the most part, you can discover your new – and old – audience in a new light.

The data you get is a truly valuable outcome, as Paul illustrated on his own story from a radio station in Birmingham, where investment into the listeners database really paid off with higher revenues.

For the potential users, AdTonos offers bundles to target listeners based on age, geo-political or economic status, lifestyle and other catgories with a lot of different filters. As a publisher, you can set a minimum price and then get a product based off your request. The product also does not necesarilly mean a threat to your direct sales team – it just brings in new customers.

The broadcaster’s view was brought through interview with UK’s Boom Radio for older audiences founder, David Lloyd, for whom the online streams and data were not a priority, since his target audience was thought to be more traditional. But, as the reports showed, the impact was higher than imagined. The listeners were surprised and pleased, that a national station advertises their local products. And if anything went wrong, such as repetition of an ad too often in an area, the listeners would write that to David, who could easily adjust the filter – thanks to programmable ad software, which AdTonos is.

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