Providing A Platform For Difference Voices


Between them, they share personal stories from their lives and on queer life. Kathy and Tobin’s approach has led to a renowned podcast series, named among the best podcasts of the year by TIME Magazine, Esquire, and The Guardian.

Nancy was borne out of the idea that gay and LBGT communities were underrepresented in media and radio – Kathy and Tobin wanted to change that! The podcast is a mix of personal stories and interviews. It all started with one piece of tape from Kathy’s own experience coming out to her mother, which she decided to record. Kathy and Tobin’s show has provided a platform for queer voices to be authentic to themselves.

Referring to the series as the “gay Radiolab”, Kathy says: “It’s a show about how our journey defining ourselves”. Tobin said “We have a lot of non-linear stories on the show and a challenge is the structure of reporting these stories. It doesn’t matter if there is an answer to a question at the end of it. It’s the journey we are looking for and how we tell it” How does their show come across to listeners? How do they engage? “We get a lot of ‘coming out’ emails. Because we are so open on the show, there’s an immediate intimacy with fans” Tobin said. When asked about criticism, the pair admitted that they had had a lot of feedback. Kathy explained: “We got so much hate for insinuating Dumbledore was not gay on an episode, but we also get a lot of comments from straight listeners to say thanks for letting me into this world.”

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