Radio branded content in a multiplatform world


 Here are some of my favourites:

ABSOLUTE RADIO BREAKFAST has been sponsored by UK DIY chain, Wickes for four years. They run the feature ­ ‘Tool Do You Do’ – a fabulous example of integrating the client into the fabric of the station’s editorial.  Listeners call up and do their best power tools impression – from circular saws to power drills – to win the ultimate power tool kit.

METRO RADIO’s Hallowe’en lockup! Sponsored by a quirky funeral directors in the North East of England that put together bespoke funerals, a listener is locked in a coffin, handcuffed and blindfolded, then told they can only come out after exactly 60 minutes – any earlier and they lose the £1000 that’s up for grabs! Additional coverage created by a mass following online watching ‘Coffin Cam’

STEAL OR SHARE – KEY 103. Sponsored by local bakery chain, two callers have to convince each other they’re honest and genuine people – then behind each other’s back will they steal or share the cash prize? Super engaging to listen to and created a huge amount of chat. Makes you think ‘what would I do’ in that situation – what makes it clever radio.

A hugely entertaining session but packed with thought­provoking ideas!

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