Radio: the Cockroach of Media


‘Be the cockroach and evolve’. That’s the only way to stay relevant to advertisers and listeners according to Radioanalyzer. By using minute-by-minute analysis, Radioanalyzer is able to accurately conclude what engages listeners and what programmers, producers and presenters can do to keep them entertained. Ottesen starts with a run-down of how radio’s existence and relevance is always under threat. Yet our medium is still thriving. Radioanalyzer believes this is when we act like the cockroach. The key point is that radio is no longer a one-way conversation. Social media allows us to be in constant two-way contact with listeners all the time. The trick, Bill De Lisle is keen to point out, is that social media is not necessarily a general, popular opinion of your whole listenership. Quite often it just represents a small representation of the vocal parts of the audience. ‘You don’t have to listen to their opinion, but it’s good to bear it in mind’. Mikkel B. Ottesen talks about ‘The Trump Effect’. We see that a station which covered the event using younger voices and frequent voice breaks lost listeners. Conversely, another station which covered the event only a few times over the programme, but with key information and gravitas, kept their audience engaged for longer. Ultimately, Radioanalyzer highlights that by paying close attention to the statistics and date of listenership, rather than the vocal minority on social media, you can understand the effects of your content on your listener, which helps you keep them with you for longer.

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