Radio essential for the recovery of the EU


In a statement released yesterday the major broadcasting associations (ACT, AER, ABBRO, VÖP and VAUNET), have supported the Action Plan for Media and Audio-visual announced by Commissioner Breton.

Their statement said “The Digital Strategy of the European Commission also confirmed that a Media and Audio-visual Action Plan would support digital transformation and competitiveness of the audio-visual and media sector and stimulate access to quality content and media pluralism. Today, in the context of the coronavirus crisis and its recovery, such an action plan taking into consideration the needs of the sector is more than ever needed. It should have been mentioned in the adjusted Work Programme for 2020. The entire value chain of the radio and TV sector constitute a strategic industrial sector, essential for the recovery of the European Union”.

“Unlike other major strategic economic sectors such as Energy, or Aviation, there is no coherent long-term industrial vision for our industry. This has resulted in a disconnected policy and legislative approach with strict and (over) specific sector regulation, often unintentionally impacted by legislation aimed primarily at related sectors. A new coordinated vision needs to build on existing EU programmes and strengthen access to financing for the promotion and development of AV content”

This joining of the broadcaster associations strengthens the case for radio within the EC’s overall planning for media as part of MAAP something which as this statement points towards is needed. 

Read the full statement on the AER website here


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