Radiodays Europe Catch Up Videos


It’s almost impossible to take in the Radiodays Europe’s programme with 60 sessions. You can’t attend all of the great sessions running over four parallel tracks.

We are offering you the opportunity to revisit some of the sessions you enjoyed and watch sessions which you missed!

Watch in your own time, multiply times some of out best speakers and sessions.

Radiodays Europe Catch-up is a service that offers you a selection of the 30 best-rated sessions available for your personal use as video streaming-on-demand, you can:

  • watch whenever you want, pause and replay
  • see sessions you missed
  • Watch your favourite sessions again

You can order your Catch-up video-package online by upgrading your registration. There are two ways to do this:

  • Pay at the registration desk at Austria Center
  • Or go to the Register Now page and choose ‘Upgrade Plus’ follow the steps to buy the RDE Catch Up

The pre-order and on-site price of Radiodays Europe Catch up Videos for attendees is 132 EUR incl VAT. The fee covers the production costs for Catch-up and makes it possible for us to offer this services requested by many participants.

If you are unable to attend in Vienna, you can also catch-up on what you missed with this service. The price for non-participants of Radiodays Europe is 225 EUR. If you did not attend Radiodays Europe please contact

*The Radiodays Europe Catch-up is for personal use only and not for sharing or public display of any kind. The videos will be available shortly after RDE.

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