Radiodays Europe Inclusive emphasizes the importance of inclusiveness in the workplace 

The first part of the seminar contained four different workshops with seven different people speaking. Harry Lock, a manager and podcast presenter from Public Media Alliance emphasized the risks and threats of the mental well-being of employees inside and outside the workplace. He introduced strategic solutions that can help mitigate against those risks, similarly, as french journalist Rozenn de Carboulec, who specifically asked the listeners how they manage discrimination and diversity in their own radio companies. Through active discussion between listeners from different backgrounds, the group finally concluded that management of discriminatory attitudes towards LGBTQ people might not be handled by a down-written ruleset, but of working on organizational culture. However, Carboulec suggests that companies should avoid internal requirements, include open values in their companies, implement diversity training, punish any discriminatory actions, but most importantly – raise awareness. Norwegian NRK podcast «Med All Respekt» contribute in their own style. Within this group of five people, four different nationalities are already represented: India, Pakistan, Kurdistan and Norway. Through their work, they build a faithful community with «die hard fans» where they make sure everyone feels included. Finally, Reece Moore from bigFM informed the audience on how to make steady relationships with co-workers, also relating to diversity management, and well-being of employees.

Through the second part, the audience were asked to individually draw a table writing the names of the five people that they trust the most, followed by gender, age, level of education, nationality, skin color, ethnicity, sexual orientation and disabilities. The exercise illustrated that the majority of the answers would be seemingly similar to what we would’ve written about ourselves. We surround ourselves with people similar to ourselves, and this ultimately falls down on how we manage diversity and inclusion in organizations, and how we deal with controversial issues.

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