Radiodays Europe Podcast Day Session List


The Meeting Point for the World of Podcasting

Time and place: 9.00 – 17.30 at the Black Diamond, Copenhagen

Draft Conference Programme

Risk and Creativity in the New Golden Age of Audio: CBC’s new fiction project

Kaitlin Prest (Artist, Performer and Creator of the Heart podcast) & Leslie Merklinger (Senior Director of Audio Innovation at CBC, Canada)

Kaitlin Prest (The Heart) and Leslie Merklinger (CBC) unveil their brand new project, and share the rewards and challenges of an indie/corporate collaboration. Kaitlin Prest is the creator and host of the award winning podcast The Heart on Radiotopia. She is known for her ability to use intricate sound design and rich prose to recreate the comedies and tragedies of the human condition.

The Future of Audio at the BBC

Ben Chapman (Head of Digital, BBC Radio and Music, UK)

With the birth of a new podcast division and a new audio app Ben Chapman (Head of Digital for Radio, BBC, UK) has also recently announced the appointment of the BBC’s first Commissioning Editor for Podcasts – Jason Phipps, oe of the sepakers last year at Podcast Day. In in this session Ben  will outline the scope of this new initiative from the BBC. The role BBC sees for podcasts in particularly attracting younger audiences and the future role of podcast in the audio landscape of the BBC.

Is This Thing On: Making a Comedy Podcast

Joanna Solotaroff (Senior Producer, WNYC Studios, USA)

After the break out success of 2 Dope Queens, WNYC Studios continues to innovate the live comedy game with a new show called Late Night Whenever with Michelle Buteau. Late Night Whenever is an off-the-walls take on the late night format, with celebrity interviews, hilarious monologues, and we even have a world renowned one-man-house-band. This format is unlike anything WNYC Studios has ever done – and there have been many challenges and successes. Learn from us! Senior Producer Joanna Solotaroff will lead a talk on everything from the initial pitching and development, to what it takes to translate the live show to podcast format, and how we are building our audience.

Google, Smart Speakers and New Formats – Unlocking The Next Wave of Podcast Listeners

Steve Pratt (Co-Founder, Pacific Content, Canada)

Podcasting continues to grow every year, but the number of people who listen to podcasts are still outnumbered by those who don’t. Strategies that help existing podcast listeners find their next favourite show are valuable, but strategies that introduce scores of new people to their first ever podcast have the potential to be game-changers for the industry.

Learn how Google’s new podcasting strategy, the growth of smart speakers and voice assistants, and non-traditional podcast formats can go beyond existing listeners and take the industry to the next level.

The Podcast Consumer 2018

Tom Webster (Vice President of Strategy and Marketing, Edison Research, USA)

Tom Webster will bring the latest research and overview of the most important trends from the American and Australian radio markets. What works? Is anyone making money? What is happening in the area of smart speakers in regard to podcasting? Also development in key demographics within podcasting and maybe a few predictions for the near future of podcasting.

The State of Podcast Measurement

Benjamin Masse (Managing Director, Market Development and Strategy, Triton Digital, UK)

Growing consumption of on demand audio requires better and reliable data. Benjamin will give an overview of today´s metrics, guidelines and advancements and discuss tomorrow´s metrics.

Establishing a Podcast Currency

Joakim Johansson (Digital Media Analyst, Swedish Radio, Sweden)

How can the radio industry collaborate to provide agreed upon measurement regarding how many listeners podcasts have? This is a challenge in many markets. Sweden found a way and this is how it works.

The UK Podcast Audience – How Under 35s Listen

George Mullen (Research Manager, Podcast and Radio, BBC, UK) & Pete Zazulka (Head of Audience Planning for Radio, BBC, UK)

Pete and George will give an overview of the UK podcast market and why the BBC sees this as an important area for development. They will moreover present their recent analysis on podcasts for under 35s. What are the challenges in meeting this audience’s needs? What do they want to listen to? Who do they want to listen to  – and how do they choose what and where to listen?

Drive Time Radio + Podcasting with Google

Maarten Vancoillie & Dorothee Dauwe (Programme Hosts, Qmusic, Belgium)

Maarten & Dorothee are the hosts of the popular drive time show on Qmusic, Belgium. This season they launched a podcast with a solid concept. Confront celebrities with the 10 most asked questions people google about them.

Maarten & Dorothee will share their knowledge on how radio personalities must build up their personal brand and how traditional media companies must evolve and change. Making a podcast is totally different from making a drive time radio show. What are the advantages of combining a popular traditional radio show and a podcast? And how do you implement a ‘podcast-workflow’ in a ‘drive time workflow’?

Newsradio – From Linear to SMART Radio and Podcasts

Joeri Nortier (Product Manager, BNR Nieuwsradio, the Netherlands)

The Netherlands’ only commercial news radio station has adopted an innovative, non-linear strategy. Podcasting will play a very important role in this shift to a non-linear publisher of audio content.

Joeri will discuss how BNR is implementing the new focus on on-demand audio with a unique self-organizing and multidisciplinary team. He will show how BNR is successfully monetizing the growing demand for on-demand audio with sponsored and branded journalism. BNR has launched a wide variety of new podcast formats in the last few months, on topics such as cryptocurrencies, the Winter Olympics, and the pharmaceutical industry.

Der Spiegel: From Paper to Podcast

Charlotte Meyer-Hamme (Product Manager, Spiegel Online, Germany) & Sandra Sperber (Pocast Host, Speigel Online, Germany)

DER SPIEGEL is a leading news weekly magazine in Germany. The well-known prestigious media house started podcasting even though at first, audio was not in their brand’s focus at all. What brought one of the “old media” big shots to investing in the podcasting space? How do they tackle questions of journalistic content, topics, accessability, relevance, and monetization? And what challanges do they see in the future, both for themselves as established podcasters, as well as for the podcasting ecosystem?

What Podcasts Are Telling Us About the Future of Media

Charlotte Pudlowski & Mélissa Bounoua (Founders of Louie Média, France)

After leading the newsroom for 3 years, as editor in chief and deputy editor in chief, Charlotte Pudlowski and Mélissa Bounoua left the online magazine to launch their own podcast company: Louie Média. How do you stand out in a crowded media landscape? Why launching a podcast company now? What does it tell us about the economic shifts in media business models and about the way to finance high-end journalistic production?

From Cradle to Brave

Kellie Riordan (Manager, ABC Audio Studios, Australia)

Head of ABC Audio Studios Kellie Riordan takes you on their journey from birth to toddlerhood — complete with all the tears, tantrums, and triumphs. ABC Audio Studios is barely a year old, and haven’t even learnt to walk yet! It grew from a newborn into a toddler, celebrated the milestones and witnessed the mis-steps they took along the way. ABC Audio Studios is a digital-first podcast production house responsible for some of Australia’s most popular and distinctive podcasts. Find out how they nailed cross-promotion strategies with the CBC, why they developed a co-production with WNYC, and the risks they took to make brave podcasts and thumb-stopping digital content.

Competing in an On-Demand World

Sharon Taylor (CEO, Omny Studios, Australia)

Having helped some of the largest broadcasters and content publishers around the world successfully transition into the on-demand space, Sharon will share how to build a podcasting strategy that leverages your organisation’s strengths in order to extend the reach and engagement of your audio content.   

Monetising the Podcast Market

Joe Copeman (Director of Sales, Acast, UK)

In little over 3 years, Acast have launched in the UK & signed & retained the most respected publishers from FT to Economist, from The Guardian to Vice. We have also launched a huge number of independent podcasts from The UK’s No1 My Dad Wrote A Porno to the most sought after influencers. Along the way, there have been challenges, opportunities, many media firsts, as brands flock into this space looking to understand how best to reach this highly desirable & hard to reach audience. This will be a short, fun session about the UK podcast industry, how it has proven financially viable for content creators, and how we see the space developing in the future.

Finding the Next Podcast Stars

Clare Chadburn (Head of Development, Wise Buddah, UK) & Susie Warhurst (Acast, UK)

Clare and Susie will talk about LaunchPod – a joint initiative between Wisebuddah and Acast to find the UK’s next big podcast star. They will discuss – what makes a successful podcast in the UK? What opportunities and challenges there are for UK podcast-makers? What trends there are in UK podcast development? And how podcasts are the perfect medium to try out new ideas, create IP, grow talent and reach new audiences.

Beyond ROI – Strategy and Execution of Podcasting as a Secondary Product

Ina Tenz (Chief Content and Brand Officer, Antenne Bayern, Germany)

Antenne Bayern is Germany’s biggest commercial radio station. Even though their focus clearly is on economic success and profitability, the company has adopted a very straightforward approach to podcasting. Despite the fact that the ultimate business model is yet to be found, their investments into the podcasting space are notable.

In this session Antenne Bayern’s Ina Tenz shares the strategy, the reasons and the operational path taken when navigating between entrepreneurial experiements and shareholders’ expectations.

A Camp Fire with 120 000 Participants

Jack Werner (Producer, The Creepy Pod, Sweden)

Swedish Noir is alive and well in podcasting. The “Creepy Podcast” is one of the most popular podcasts in Sweden, building a relationship between young listeners and Swedish public service radio, and it is all about ghost stories. The host Jack Werner describes how he works, why the constant contact with the listeners is important and what you shouldn’t do when reading a good creepy story.

Death In Ice Valley – Finding International Audiences

Jon Manel (Podcast Commissioning Editor, BBC World Service, UK)

The new podcast strategy has led to international hits and new innovative projects. Death in Ice Valley is a cross-border collaboration with NRK Norway that has already been number 1 in countries around the globe.

Podcasting can reach specific targeted audiences in a unique way – a new podcast series aimed at 18 to 24 year old university students in India is ground breaking. YouTube and other platforms are being used to attract brand new audiences.

Using Alexa and Podcasts

Matt Deegan (Fun Kids, UK)

Matt from UK children’s radio station Fun Kids talks about how they used all of their radio station’s resources to build a podcast network from scratch and what they learned creating an Alexa skill for their audience. To get it right on Alexa and other smart speakers is a true challenge for broadcasters.

What I Recommend… The Best Podcasts

An expert panel giving tips and playing clips of their favourite podcasts. After a day full of ideas, cases and learnings, this will be a time to open your ears and just listen and get inspired. Speakers TBA.


Add a Podcast Masterclass! (11 March)

If you want to get more out of your PODCAST DAY you can sign up for a MASTERCLASS on Monday afternoon 11 June, prior to the PODCAST DAY on the 12th.  Masterclasses are held at DR (Danmarks Radio), Metro: DR-Byen. Masterclasses are available for an extra fee, if you have a PODCAST DAT ticket. Limited availability!

Monday 11 March 14.30-16.30 

  1. Podcasting: How to Start a New Show

Jennifer Keeney Sendrow (Executive Producer for Multiplatform Content, WNYC, USA)

Getting a new program off the ground takes everything you’ve got: Your smarts, your heart, and a whole lot of coin.  As New York Public Radio’s Executive Producer for Multiplatform Content, Jennifer Keeney Sendrow has launched four shows, a festival, and dozens of ongoing live series. She will talk you through content development as well as the business side of starting up a new program, from crafting a compelling pitch on through to leading your team through the first month of production. Areas of focus will include developing a creative brief, pitching, casting talent, team and talent management, structuring a pilot process, budgeting, setting goals, audience development, and finally, what you need to do to be prepared for success.  Come in curious and you will leave inspired.

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