Radiodays Europe welcomes six Nextgeners to Paris


Applicants were required to enter a short film and state reasons why they should be a “Nextgener” in Paris.

Competition was tough and we had lots of applications. We are proud to announce that the  #Nextgen16 places have been awarded to:

  • Caroline Lagergren from Swedish Radio, Sweden
  • Juliette Nicholls from Heart, UK
  • Laura Gallop from Fresh Air Productions, UK
  • Lovisa Ohlson from Swedish Radio, Sweden
  • Madeleine Koellner from 94, 3rs2, Germany
  • Pete Maguire from RTÉ, Ireland

Joining the Next Geners are three participants of the EBU Skills Xchange:

  • Alex Maximov, Czech Radio, Czech Republic
  • Nevena Kostadinovic, Radio Belgrade, Serbia
  • Sampa Rautio, YLE, Finland

Participants at Radiodays Europe will be able to hear from the Nextgeners, as well as other young people, the EBU SkillsXchangers, in a session (“What caught my eyes”) on Tuesday afternoon at 13.45.

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