‘What does home sound like?’ that’s the question is trying to answer. In December 2016, as part of the research project ‘Transnational Radio Encounters’, the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision launched an interactive online platform aiming to investigate the important role radio plays in identity. ‘Can we accurately demonstrate what radio sounds like all over the world?’ Bas Agtergerg, Media Historian, Institute of Sound and Vision, Netherlands, starts with a thorough history of the Institute. He talks the audience through how the project came to life just three months ago. is a malleable spinning globe which allows users to zoom in on any country and listen to a local radio station, as easy as flicking through a map. Jonathan Puckey, Studio Puckey, UK, worked as a key designer on the project. He argues that although ‘radio is all around us, and it’s home, it’s no longer the tangible presence it once was… in fact, where is radio exactly?’.

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