Radio’s Recovery: A Global Perspective

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At Radiodays Europe we strive to bring you voices from around the world. In a recent article by Global Media Research & Consulting Partners, they have done just that. Their latest blog post includes eleven stories from radio professionals around the world, exploring the re-opening process and how each market will recover after COVID-19. Despite geographical and cultural differences, in all of these places there is a unified drive to get back to some sense of normalcy and to reconfirm what makes radio such a great medium – not just for the consumer, but for the advertiser as well. 

Global Media Research & Consulting Partners reached out to their friends in radio around the world, from Los Angeles to Rio de Janeiro to Athens to Jakarta, to find out where they are in the recovery process, how they are handling re-opening, and the implications that this tragic pandemic will have on our industry going forward. 

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Thanks to Global Media Research & Consulting Partners

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