RDE Archive 2018: Digital Strategies for Success

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This week we go back to Radiodays Europe in Vienna, 2018.

Speakers: Alexandre Vekhoff (Digital Director, Lagardére Active, France), Simon Gooch (Chief Innovation Officer, Swedish Radio)

How do you create a successful digital, online or mobile strategy for your radio station? What are the keys to success online and to driving social media engagement? And can you grow both your audience and revenue as a result? This RDE Archive video looks at different case studies from radio stations who have grown their digital presence and massively increased engagement with their audience.

Alexandre Vekhoff gives practical advice and tips on how to create and curate popular online content, plus ideas on how to remain consistently innovative. Meanwhile, Simon Gooch spent nine years in commercial radio trying to rid himself of the title ‘Digital Media Director’! Now he’s moved to public service and is trying to do the same thing with his new title of ‘Chief Innovation Officer’. 

This flashback is all about discovering how to create digital strategies for success.


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