RDE Archive: Fact Checking

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This week’s archive video is a look back a Radiodays Europe session from our 2018 event in Vienna, Austria where Wilfried Runde and Vincent Ryan explore fact checking, using the right tools and practices. 

Fact checking – the right tools and good practices.

Wilfried Runde has worked as a freelance music writer, information specialist, researcher, online editor and TV journalist for several media outlets. In 2010 he was appointed Head of Innovation Projects for Germany’s international public broadcaster Deutsche Welle. Since then Wilfried has been leading “a skilled mix of open minds” working on R&D and Innovation management related projects, publications and events dealing with “technologies to tell big stories better.” He is also a member of the European Broadcasting Union’s Digital Steering Committee.

Vincent Ryan is a journalist who joined Google News Lab in 2017. Prior to joining Google he was working at London City University where he lectured on an MA in Business Journalism. He has worked as a staff journalist for The Sunday Times and the Irish Examiner.



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