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In this week’s RDE Archive video, we take you back to Vienna 2018 to learn about local radio and how it can make a difference in the community – a theme that is no more relevant than right now.

Local Radio: Making A Difference (2018)




Michelle Livesey is Chief Reporter and News Editor at KEY 103 Radio Station in Manchester. She is also Deputy News Editor of Bauer England and an award winning campaigning journalist. As part of her career spanning 17 years she has managed to change the law twice – 1/ to help victims of domestic violence with the introduction of Clare’s Law and – 2/ she has helped secure stiffer sentences for those who kill on the roads.

Chuse Fernandez. TEA FM Director
Director of TEA FM Radio, radio creator, radio teacher, and sound designer. His work focuses on the production of documentaries, podcasts, and transmedia sound contents addressing issues of interest to the local population of Zaragoza in Spain. He is the Director of the International Radiodrama Conference in Spain, where he actively works on the recovery of sound fiction in Spain. He also collaborates with the international network RADIA, producing innovative radio shows in more than 27 stations around the world. He is currently developing a new cultural radio station for the Institute of Modern Art in Zaragoza (Spain). With TEA FM, he won the Ondas Award in the category of radio innovation (the most prestigious radio award in Spain), the MEDEA Award with a radio-educative training for people with intellectual disabilities (European Commission), the AERO Award of Radio Innovation (Spanish Association of Online Radio) and the Prix Marulic of Radio Croatia.

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