RDE Session Focus: Local radio – Making a difference

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Local radio often gets forgotten in an age of social media, but to many people local radio is a huge source of information, education and entertainment. People like to hear local, there is also a sense of community that national stations cannot replicate due to the need to appeal to a wider audience. Also, local radio is the start of many careers and needs to be preserved as the entry into the radio industry for younger producers, editors and talent.

If your interest is local join the session:

Local radio – Making a difference

Michele Livesey (Chief Reporter, Key 103, UK), Jon Koldenius (Audience Engagement Editor, P4, Sweden), Chuse Fernandez (Director, TEA FM, Spain)

Successful local radio is very much about engaging with your audience. In this session we will hear from 3 different stations and how they found ways to connect and engage with their listeners. Michele from Key 103 Manchester will discuss when reporting can make a difference; Jon from P4 Borås will tell the story about how the station uses the new Next Generation mobile broadcasting set for moving the broadcasting to one of the troubled suburbs; and finally Chuse from the award winning TEA FM in Zaragoza will report on the station´s “Hybrid Sound” project, bringing together global and local.

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