RDENextGen Debola Adebanjo returns as a host at RDE24!

Debola Adebanjo is a journalist and storyteller with over a decade’s experience engaging audiences across multiple media platforms. Once a RDENextGen in 2017, Debola’s self-taught career as a broadcaster has continued to evolve over the years with experiences as a sports researcher, producer, and presenter with the BBC under her belt. She also spent a year studying and earning a degree from Europe’s number one ranked postgraduate sport management course, FIFA Masters and she currently works with FIFPRO, the global union for footballers worldwide – facilitating all things content, campaigns, and internal communications, here, she also recently launched the organisation on TikTok as they aim to reach new and younger audiences.

Debola will be bringing her knowledge and passion for radio, podcasts, sports, and their intersection with younger audiences to this year’s Radio Days Europe Youth summit.

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