Recruit Retrain & Retain with Sara Ardizzone, Head of Human Resources, Bauer Media Audio, Sweden



Sara Ardizzone is the Head of Human Resources for Bauer Media Audio Sweden. A HR leader with more than a decade of experience working for leading companies within the travel, pharmaceutical and arena & event industry. Sara uses her expertise to create environments where people and teams can develop, and companies can continue to grow.

In her role at Bauer Media Audio Sweden, Sara focuses her work on the continued development of the company’s corporate culture, ensuring that it retains its position as one of Sweden’s best employers.

See Sara in-person or online in the Recruit Retrain & Retain Session on Tuesday at Radiodays Europe:

Recruiting and up-skilling has never been more important. This session will explore how organisations from three countries across Europe approach recruitment of new talent, retention of key staff and how to ensure that existing staff have the right skills for an ever-changing audio industry. Join us to discuss the future of training for audio and radio and ensure that your organisation finds, trains and retains the right people for the job.

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