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Two areas which are a focal point for all radio stations today and the bed rock of the programme at Radiodays Europe. Here are some sessions you need to be in to ensure you know your audience and how to use that knowledge: 

The latest research on youth and their changing 

Rasmus Kidde (Audience Researcher, DR, Denmark)Siril Heyerdahl, Television Producer and Radio Editor, NRK, Norway

Our younger audience are adopting new media habits – moving away from traditional broadcast and towards social. This session will give you an updated view of this development and show you how you can optimize the lessons learned in research into your organization. 

From Public Service broadcaster in Denmark DR, Rasmus Kidde will share the results of a big segmentation study of youth done by DR in Denmark recently. What is a youth media day? What are the most important drivers behind the media use of youth through the day. What are the patterns to the way the young use different media platforms. 

From Public Service broadcaster NRK in Norway, Trine Sollie will share how NRK is implementing research and knowledge about youth into the organization. How they are trying to make all producers for their youth platforms in to “target group agents” in order to get better at creating media content for this hard to reach audience. 

Measuring true audio listening on all platforms 

Jeroen Verspeek (Head of Audience Measurement, BBC),  Frank Kok, (Director NPO, Holland)  

In this session Jeroen Verspeek (Head of Audience Measurement, BBC) will take us through the development of CMM – the new total audience measurement tool from the BBC.  CMM, which was jointly developed with Ipsos, can track media user behavior across all media platforms passively. Jeroen will show how the mobile based electronic measuring app CMM provides key insights into audience behavior across all media platforms – focusing on audio for the audience of Radio Days Europe. CMM is combining innovative and proven techniques  to deliver new metrics to the BBC and to meet its business and research objectives of finally being able to measure audience behavior across media platforms. 

Also in this session we will learn about the new Total Audience Measurement currency recently agreed on in December in the Netherlands, which also will be able to track audience behavior across media platforms. 

New revenue – exploring untapped markets

Siobhán Kenny (CEO Radiocentre, UK), Rob Timony (Audio XI, Ireland)

Commercial radio has always worked on the basis that we eat what we kill. Increased competition and the growth in advertising opportunities have meant that radio has to be much more innovative when seeking revenues. In this session Siobhán Kenny, CEO of the Radiocentre in the UK will share her work in attracting new SMEs to radio advertising while Rob Timony from Audio XI in Ireland will discuss digital audio exchange which will provide advertisers with new and innovative ways to access previously fragmented audiences. 

Top 10 radio promotions 

Niall Power (Head of station sound, Beat 102-103, Ireland)

Never want to say “be caller number 9 to win this prize” again? Then this is the session for you!  Niall Power from Beat102-103, Ireland’s award-winning regional radio station returns with a look at the Top 10 best promotions from the past 12 months. Having combed the world for innovative, creative and imaginative promotions Niall will share the best in class, which not only engage listeners but also create attractive opportunities for advertisers as well.    

Why award-winning work works

Ralph van Dijk (Creative Director, Eardrum, Australia), Paul Wauters (Executive Creative Director of Babel, France)

There are two types of radio advertising; the good stuff and the other 90%. Yes, clients want to be on-air tomorrow, yes, they insist we add too much detail and no, they won’t pay for it. But things would be different if they knew how much more effective their campaigns would be if the creative was better.

In this session, award winning creative directors Ralph van Dijk and Paul Wauters of Babel dissect the world’s most awarded radio ads to reveal the eleven herbs and spices that made them so successful. They then re-engineer a selection of typical radio ads and demonstrate how it is possible to apply award-winning thinking even when the odds (and deadlines) are against you.

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