The Road to Radiodays Europe (continued)

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Radiodays Europe care about their visitor’s carbon footprint, we accept as an international conference we have to look at all ways we can be more sustainable, so we have put together a lower emission route to Lisbon, Portugal from your closest city. You may take more time to get to Lisbon, but you will be reducing your carbon footprint by taking the train.

How does travelling by train compare?
Train virtually always comes out better than plane, often by a lot. A journey from London to Madrid (for example) would emit 43kg (95lb) of CO2 per passenger by train, but 118kg by plane (or 265kg if the non-CO2 emissions are included), according to EcoPassenger.

Thanks to Rome2Rio for making it so easy to find these routes. We have not added prices into these suggest routes as prices change regularly across networks and on ticketing websites. 

Bon voyage!

London to Lisbon

  • London St Pancras Eurostar to Paris Nord (2h 21m)

  • Catch metro from: Gare du Nord to Montparnasse-Bienvenue

    walk for 9 mins to

  • Paris Montparnasse 1 Et 2 and catch train to Hendaye (4h 41m)

  • Train from Hendaye to Lisbon – Santa Apolonia

Total travel time: 23h 25m

Paris to Lisbon

  • Paris Montparnasse 1 Et 2 to Hendaye (4h 24m)

  • Train from Hendaye to Lisboa – Santa Apolonia (13h 55m)

Total travel time: 19h 26m

Madrid to Lisbon

  • Metro from Sol to Chamartin (19 mins)

  • Madrid-Chamartin to Lisbon – Santa Apolonia (10h 27m)

Total Travel time: 12h 6m

Berlin to Lisbon

  • Train from Berlin Hbf to Frankfurt Hbf (4h 16m)

  • Train from Frankfurt Hbf to Paris l’Est (3h 55m)

  • Change to Gare de l’Est and take subway to Montparnasse-Bienvenue (15 mins)

    • Walk 9 minutes to

  • Paris Montparnasse 1 Et 2 and take train to Hendaye (4h 41m)

  • Hendaye to Lisbon – Santa Apolonia (13h 55m)

Total travel time: 30h 41m

Whether you take these routes from their origins, or find a way to incorpórate a train ride into your journey to Lisbon, you will be making a difference!

Next week, the road to Radiodays Europe will look at travel by sea, for those of you not in land locked countries.

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