Ruth Degraeve, Head of the Digital Portfolio Strategy, VRT speaking in the Best Audio App session

2021-10-26 Connectie Ruth 003

This is a session not to miss if you’re building a station app! 


Building a radio app should be child’s play but sometimes user experience comes last in the race to ‘just get it done’. This session looks at how you can offer your listener the best UX design, functionality and most importantly offer your commercial partners more.

Joining this session is Ruth Degraeve, Head of the Digital Portfolio Strategy and Head of VRT NU, the streaming platform of VRT, VRT, Belgium. Starting her career at VRT Radio in 2008, Ruth has been working at the public broadcaster (VRT) for 14 years now. With a broad range of experience in radio, television and digital content production, Ruth is nowadays head of the digital portfolio strategy at VRT and head of VRT NU, the streaming platform of VRT. Previously, Ruth worked as a product manager for VRT NWS (the newsroom of VRT), radio producer for MNM and brand and commissioning manager at Canvas, the second television channel of VRT.

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