Scott Shannon Host, WCBS FM & one of radio’s most respected music programmers joins RDE on Sunday

Worst to First Z100 Image

Radio Icon answers your questions after the Worst To First European Premiere at Radiodays Europe! 


In a little over two weeks Radiodays Europe is the place to be for the European Premiere of a great new radio documentary. WORST TO FIRST is a feature-length documentary that portrays the against-all-odds inspirational story of the launch of the iconic and most successful radio station in history, New York City’s Z100.

In 1983, Z100 launched from the swamps of New Jersey, where no artist would venture, and the DJs had to buy their own records just to have music to play on air. Fun, poignant and aspirational, the film features Scott Shannon and several other Hall of Fame radio personalities as well as industry legends like Clive Davis and Elvis Duran.

After the documentary join us for a great Q&A session with the Radio Icon Scott Shannon, the popular morning show host on WCBS FM, one of radio’s most respected music programmers in the industry. 

Scott helped create and define the “Morning Zoo” a fun party atmosphere during the four-hour morning shift. He took WHTZ in New York from last to first in 72 days. and, like all radio icons,  had his time on the pirate radio station KQLZ in LA. On WCBS FM he ranked no.1 in 2018, he continues to be the host of True Oldies a satellite music station as well as being the host of Scott Shannon Presents America’s Greatest Hits. Scott Shannon was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 2006.

Hear him at this year’s Radiodays Europe after what promises to be a great European Premiere! 


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