Shame – the teen monster hit


Hakon also discussed what we can learn from Shame about progressing with millennials in radio. He suggested that we ‘take the target market seriously, accept them as they are and try to provide for that’.

Shame aims to help 16-year old girls with their self-esteem and show them the benefits of confronting their fears. The team researched a cohort of 16 year olds, watching their habits online.

Hakon discussed the importance of the strategy of the show – helping the team to follow steps to success. However, they also updated the scripts in the run-up to filming, to include the most recent music and influence of events.

The show is published in real time – so if there is a scene at 7pm on Friday, it gets published at that time. Users can follow the lives of the characters alongside their own lives, which gives a totally new and participatory aspect to the show. It is also published in full at the end of the week.

During week one of the show, 25,000 unique visitors watched the show. And Norway only has 60,000 16-year-olds. The fever spread quickly. It is now international, with teenagers watching in Russia, the UK and Spain.

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