Speaker Profile: Eugenio La Teana

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From the beginning of his experience in radio Eugenio La Teana has been dedicated to innovation. He was first interested in the deconstruction of the traditional way of listening to radio, and this led to the creation of a unique project, the Radiovisione. The Radiovisione RTL 102.5 is recognized worldwide as the perfect way to transport the medium of radio on TV, without spoiling its essence. It also develops forms of interaction involving the audience in real time, the so-called social radio. It’s an expert in data services related to the radio broadcast (TMC, TPEG). He is a member of the taskforce Italian “digitalradio.it” which deals with the promotion of digital radio in Italy. He has spoken at a multitude of international conferences, where he shared his own experience and his own vision on what was to become the radio into the next era.

He is involved in the development of hybrid radio, he believes it is a fundamental step to make radio appeal in the near future.

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