Speaker Profile: Juraj Hrvacic

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Juraj is ‘crazy’ about radio. In a positive way. Ask him about any well-known station in Europe, the British Islands or the US – he can tell you something about all of them. Juraj’s knowledge in sales is outstanding. Combined with his on air and online know-how he turns that into lucrative strategies.

Hrvacic joined the BCI-team in 2016 after he and Goran Kurjak consulted Otvoreni Radio in Croatia which led the station to become the number one station in the whole country. On its way to the number one position in the market Otvoreni left behind stations that Juraj had been working for from 2007 to 2012 as a program director and later on as a CEO. Antena Zagreb, Narodni Radio and Totalni FM. During that time Juraj got in touch with BCI for the very first time as BCI back then was consulting all three stations of the group.

Besides his profound knowledge in radio programing Juraj specializes in social media and sales. His USP is the “big picture” about how these three areas can be linked in the most beneficial way.

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