Speaker Profile: Stéphan Dufossé

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After graduating from ENSEA and a Master Degree in Acoustics, Stéphane has been for 10 years a driver of innovation in the field of sound, before progressing to marketing and innovation business development functions.

Stéphane is notably the father of the first mobile phone with 3 speakers (2005) and the first mobile augmented reality experience (MWC 2007).

Stéphane is co-founder of Augmented Acoustics, which proposes SupraLive patented service that allows spectators at an event (concert, sport, cinema…) to guarantee the best seat in terms of sound experience.

The solution consists in providing high-definition multi-tracks customizable immersive experience to spectators through earphones and smartphone app.

A world premiere was done in 5G in 2019 during french Olympico in Marseille.

Passionate about music and being himself a bassist, Stéphane was also Foud’Rock Festival Director.

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