Structuring Your Development Process with Ole Hedemann


Attracting a a variety of audiences is a challenge for any broadcaster, with the saturation of information and competition with Youtube and Instagram and various other social media channels. NRK Norway has developed methods through audience insight, to bring online and TV success to the marketplace, successfully attracting audiences with examples like SKAM, Nudes, Eyewitness, Teenage boss and Never ever do this at home. In particular, they have attracted younger audiences to news services through ambitious projects on Youtube and Instagram – by speaking the language of the youth.

Ole Hedemann of NRK has been a part of the Development Department since it started in 2007 and he will be hosting a Sunday Masterclass on Youth Development at Radiodays Europe Lisbon 2020. In his Sunday masterclass, Hedemann will explore how you can trim your organisation and your development methods in order to reach diverse target groups. In particular, the young generation.

This Masterclass is  fantastic opportunity to learn more about audience development and insights, gaining an understanding not only of your development processes, but how to attract various audiences in your work.

If you are a full-time university student, you can apply for a discount code to attend Radiodays Europe, please send your request to with proof you are in full time education in the form of your student ID and an electronic letter from your course tutuor/administrator. It is not possible to attend Radiodays Europe if you are under 18 years of age. 

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