Successful radio brands in the Netherlands


D​ave Minneboo​, the​ PD of 538​,​ ​opened with​ four tips that have kept his station at the top of the market: ​1) Find your focus and make it your​ brand​ image ​2) ​​Be passionate, always ​3) Think music music music​ (with a little research​) ​4) ​Add it all up ​(​5+3=8​) because everything needs to work together​! Sjors Fröhlich, Editor in Chief at BNR Business Radio, tells us his station has a very specific audience​. This focus on such a small market segment makes them smart. But ​the station’s audience is very sought after​,​ because they​ a​re from a higher socio​-​economic background​​. As a small station, they’re required to be smarter and more targeted with their marketing​. For example​,​ recently​ the station stuck their stickers onto ​political posters for the current election running in Holland. Basyl de Groot​, the​ PD​ at​ 3FM, NPO​ ​speaks to us about the stations​’​ current focus​: ​getting young people to vote. 3FM ​are passionate about getting their young listeners engaged in politics. ‘We work from passion, we select with knowledge​,​ and ​we try to create an open mind’. ​Basyl believes that there are tricks you can use. For example, ​they made an eve​nt​ of the new Ed Sheeran album release by playing the whole ​record, track by track​,​ with discussion from Ed in between. The listeners could stream it themselves, but that’s incredibly lonely, and radio is about a shared experience.

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