Sunday Masterclasses: Start your Radiodays Europe journey on Sunday


Sunday Masterclasses: Start your Radiodays Europe journey on Sunday – The Peak Performance Masterclass: Working with talent

Find out more from our leading expert in ‘Peak Performance’. Dr. Travis Kemp, Australia, has worked with peak performing artists, executives and leaders for over 30 years and across multiple industries including radio and television. As an Organisational, Exercise & Sport and Counselling Psychologist and an accomplished business leader, academic, researcher, writer and entrepreneur, Dr. Trav brings a unique depth and breadth of insight into the world of peak performance and world class performers.

Here is an extract from one of his blogs from 2017, entitled ‘If we’re all Leaders, is Leadership dead?’

Like it or not… we’re all leaders… and we’re all led. Let me explain…If you’ve ever sort to influence a conversation, communicate a perspective, achieve agreement or disagreed with another human, you’ve led and you’re a leader. If anyone has ever complied with your idea, grappled with your opinion, been a victim of your ‘contribution’, or reluctantly tolerated your direction, you’ve also lead and you’re a leader. The bottom line is, we’re all leading all the time…

To read more about Dr Trav and this article you can find it on his blog –

His depth of knowledge in achieving peak performance is impressive and this promises to be a fantastic Masterclass for all of those who are looking to improve in the area of performance. His list of qualifications alone is impressive – PhD, MA (Ed.), MSSc, GDipSSc(Ed.Couns.), GradDipPsychSt, BEd (PE), DipTA, DipClinHyp, FAICD, FAIM, FAHRI, HonVPISCP(Accred), FAPS (MCOP, MCSEP, MCCOUNS) CPMgr.

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