The feeling that everything is connected… that’s the magic of audio branding

One of the last sessions was covered by Thomas Giger, Branding Consultant & Partner at PURE Jingles from Netherlands, who spoke about programming strategies for Audio Branding. It all started with cart machines in the 50’s-90’s and it is evolving more day by day. What will be there tomorrow? Will AI be our new DJ? It’s hard to tell. 

But why do we even use audio branding? If a picture says more than a 1000 words, a sound can say a whole picture. Some of the main features of using audio branding are emotion and theater of mind, position and perception or identification and attribution. The audience could hear that branding audio logos are strong branding tools and that visual ads including sonic cues are 8x more effective. To apply brandings more effectively, it’s important to categorize your imaging. 

Sung melodies are proven to be the most effective audio branding – people mentally connect the song to the station with the memorable intro and they tend to sing along with the lyrics. Thomas added that “It feels like everything is connected – that’s the magic of audio branding.” At the finale of the session, Thomas implied to use short jingles and sweepers, since listeners don’t like interruptions or pauses that feel as such. 

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