The Podcast Summit with WePod

On Sunday afternoon we have 4 summits: Sales, AI, Youth and Podcasting where we deep dive into each specialist subject.  One ticket buys you access to all summits, so you can choose which sessions within the summits you wish to attend, plus the ticket gets you into Radiodays Inclusive on Sunday morning.

The World of Podcasting is constantly evolving – this summit will be a deep dive with a focus on new technologies and strategies to improve and grow your podcast. Hear from experts on monetisation, programming, sound design for podcasting and how to create a sustainable series. Listen to stories of success and what to avoid when creating award winning podcast programmes, enjoy workshops and get inspired at this four hour focused event.   

The summit is brought to you by WePod: The linguistic and cultural fragmentation of the European podcast market is one of the biggest hindrances to the development of the latter. WePod, a European project financed under the Creative Europe – journalistic partnerships call, aims at experimenting and finding practical solutions in terms of co-production practices, adaptations, IP trade and knowledge transfers.

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