Three ways to keep radio profitable in the next five years


Tuesday, 2 April 2019, 12:00 – 12:45, Track 4 – Speaker Nico Aprile 

The horror scenarios that are already heralding the last hurrah of radio are sufficiently familiar: the number of traditional radio listeners is sadly dwindling. Use of on-demand audio is on the rise. Booking of radio advertising is considered time-consuming and costly. Consequently, advertising customers and their agencies are seeking other options and advertising revenue is drifting away.

Is this truly the inevitable future of radio?

Providers of curated audio content have different options available to save themselves and survive in the digital future. A digital future that will be influenced by the business models of the digital advertising industry.

Can a modern digitization concept, creativity, a return to the underlying values of a radio program and good technology decisively improve the income opportunities and chances of survival of a radio broadcaster?

Visit Nico Aprile´s session and be inspired how radio will make money in the future!

You can also meet us at our automated-efficiency booth (# C 1.02) in the Campus Level. Together with adremes, amily, aprile consulting, streaMonkey and connecting: media, we show you how to boost your advertising business. Take the opportunity to see an already implemented, modular solution for an automated and efficient advertising management in live operation!


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