Tips to improve your radio imaging


When it comes to imaging, the music can be found anywhere, but it is personality and attitude that Staxx Williams (Z100 New York, USA) makes. What a great way to open up day two of Radiodays Europe.

Great imaging is an essential ingredient for any successful radio station. It forms, without doubt, the entire core of the brand. The brand is the only saleable asset for a radio station, so investment in imaging increases both ratings and revenue, he said.

When you’re telling a story, you need characters. Z100 is a “hero” brand – providing motivation and encouragement to strive to be better at what you do – as well as “explorers” and “jesters”. It also helps, Staxx said, if those doing your imaging match the brand. Those making your radio station imaging must have the perfect balance of creativity and production skills.

Staxx’s imaging directs listeners to action. “The station voice is a voice of authority,” he said, “and we didn’t want to boss our listeners around.” Instead, a catchy, fun and young jingle directs listeners elsewhere, especially when it comes to smart speakers.

Memorable and impactful messaging depends on timelines, relevance, humour and always pushing the limit. Staxx thinks that producers need to avoid thinking about words and instead think in terms of scenes and images. “If you think in pictures and use the same tools that your artists use, this will help your imaging” said Staxx.

In a thrilling finale, Staxx said that some of the most powerful imaging doesn’t even require words. He played the most gory and disturbing Halloween branding to the audience – packed with chainsaws, heavy breathing, screaming, and death metal.

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