Topics and trends at Radiodays Europe 2018


Radiodays Europe brings together some of the best and brightest new talents in all areas of radio – in front of the microphone and behind the scenes.

Some people would say at this time radio is going through another ‘Golden Era’. Radio listening remains an important part of the day for many people at home and in the car. Despite advances in platform, device and listening habits, radio is keeping pace.

The Internet first seen as a threat to radio has been proven to allow more freedom for radio broadcasters and is now the platform catalyst which is fueling the podcast revolution. Today over there are over 7 billion mobile subscriptions (ICT, 2015) and more than 3.5 billion internet users – that’s a lot of people with radios in their pockets or access to radio services and podcasts.

Radio continues to reinvent it’s self whether that’s new programmes, new formats or just making traditional content new and exciting, personalised or for a mass audience. Radio continues to appeal to a wide range of people from a variety of socio-economic backgrounds.

This week the Radio Centre in the UK released a report which stated ‘Radio is considered the most trusted medium in an era of fake news. Radio is consistently found to be the most trusted source of news and information available to audiences in the UK and Europe’. In the report ‘77% of people said they see radio as a trusted source of national news, more than any other media’ ( Radio remains a trusted friend to many giving it a unique position in peoples lives.

At Radiodays Europe platforms, formats, programming, news, entertainment, audiences trends, equality and diversity, business, strategy, technology, content, personalisation, podcasts, market trends, the future of radio and much more are presented and discussed. Radiodays Europe remains the meeting point for radio professionals around the world. Join us in Vienna in 2018!

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