Watch the session: How AI simplifies buying radio advertising, Positioning radio for the future & The ultimate guide to creativity

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3 Speakers back to back in one of the most requested online sessions – How AI simplifies buying radio advertising, Positioning radio for the future & The ultimate guide to creativity


Watch one of the most requested session on the online platform in this triple header at Radiodays Europe Lisbon 2021!

How AI simplifies buying radio advertising – Patricia Sonius, Ster

When advising clients to include radio advertising in their media mix we use years and years of consumer research that proves the effectiveness of radio. While there are many solid arguments for spending on radio and net spend on advertising in total have been rising, the portion of ad spend in radio is  steady at best. This presentation will explain why this is happening and will reveal a solution – the in-house developed client portal created by STER using an AI model which helps clients to easily buy and plan radio advertising campaigns.

Positioning radio for the future – Mary Hoogerbrugge, De Positioneerders

RAB (Radio Advisory Bureau the Netherlands) asked De Positioneerders to help develop a strategy to support future growth of radio share spend. Based on desk research and qualitative interviews with thought leaders in advertising, media, and audio a new positioning strategy was developed. Key elements are the transformation to a future proof medium by being part of the dynamic audio domain and a role for RAB to help advertisers and their agencies to explore and mine the world of sound. In this presentation the key insights, main decisions and consequences of the positioning will be shared.

The ultimate insight on creativity! – Philip Maes, Creative Ph.M. Radio

Philip Maes says:” I spent hours and hours of my precious life, ploughing through numerous books, attending presentations and workshops on creativity. And here’s what I’ve found, compressed in a delightful presentation: the ultimate insight on creativity”. Everything that’s ever been said or written about ‘creativity’, compressed in 30 minutes And yes you can steal his ideas without going to jail!

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