We welcome Becky Lipscombe to RDE24

Becky Lipscombe is Senior Audio Producer for Coda Story. She produced and co-wrote Coda’s podcast series for Audible – ‘Undercurrents: Tech, Tyrants and Us’ – and is currently working on a new series. Before joining Coda Story, Becky spent 25 years with the BBC as a foreign news producer. She was most recently based in South Africa and Kenya, and before that spent ten years in Asia. With the BBC she produced ‘Blood Lands,’ a true crime story set in rural South Africa, which won the Prix Europa in 2021.

Becky is particularly interested in spatial sound. She produced BBC News’ first virtual reality news documentaries – one on the Nile, and another in the Democratic Republic of Congo – for viewing on VR headsets with immersive sound. She’s now experimenting with some of the spatial sound techniques she employed there in radio/podcast settings.

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