Welcome to 2022…what’s in store for radio, audio & podcasting this year?


2022 join us Online or In-person, the Hybrid Option

Normally in Radiodays Europe HQ January is a busy period with the event round the corner in March however this year as we have moved to May, 15 – 17, we are looking at almost a half year into 2022 when the event will happen. 

Needless to say it’s been a holiday period where once again we look an Omicron and its progress throughout Europe with an eye to where it will be in May, can the industry travel, will everything be open and will you have to test etc. There seems to be no clarity as yet from both an international perspective or from a company or individual view. But, what we do know is that once again we will be offering Radiodays Europe as an Online, Hybrid event so that anyone can attend.

Once again we will be using the Swapcard Platform for our online event with our in-person event being held in Malmö, Sweden a short train ride from Copenhagen central (a good option if you are flying in internationally). 

As we will be a good way through the year the speakers will also be looking forward in 2022 but also back on the start of another year in which Covid and its variants  continue to dictate the lives of radio and podcast listeners. 

Radiodays Europe has already announced some great speakers with many more to come, these include; Susani Mahadura and Yagmur Özberkan, house-hold names in Finland with their award-winning podcast, joining from Denmark script writer, podcast producer, lyricist Babak Vakili and Heather Small, the lead vocalist of M People and successful solo artist, she is also well known for her charitable work through fundraising and helping lend her valuable support to a variety of worthy projects.

Register today for your Early Bird discount ticket (offer runs until 28th Feb 2022) here. 

Photo by Pierre Châtel-Innocenti on Unsplash

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