What boxing and radio have in common


What might boxing and radio have in common? 
For starters, it’s always all or nothing. Boxers make calculated risks. You may come out in a worse situation that you started – you could be beaten by shareholders or ratings and the tightrope between success and failure is precarious – but countless hours of hard work should see you though. 
Punching power is also important. It’s good to have impactful marketing. Boxing is also a showbuisness, as is radio. It starts with a challenge and builds to the fight. It even continues afterwards. We all have an obligation to give the best show possible; we all have to sell tickets to our arena, and make the show continue after a win or loose. 
Julia reflects that in German boxing, the old stars have been milked for years, training techniques have not been updated and their methods have not evolved, leaving a younger generation without the skills or desire to succeed. Those things are also happening in the radio industry. Julia thinks that stars of yesteryear need to make way for new talent and all training needs to be updated. 
Julia’s top tips for boxing (and radio!) are:
– Do it. Most people are so afraid of losing they don’t try to win.
– Don’t be talked out of your dreams and goals.
– Use every opportunity for coaching. Practice and learn. Repeat.
– Most importantly: Not all champions wear gold medals or title belts. 

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