What caught my eye? – Next Gen


Our 2016 NextGeners were Caroline Lagergren, Laura Gallop, Madeleine Koellner, Samppa Rautio, Juliette Nichols, Nevena Kostadinovic, Pete Maguire and Alex Maximov – all of whom spoke enthusiastically about everything they’d seen and heard at Radiodays.


They talked about sessions they’d been to and were given one session each to talk about. They commented on how they had been surprised by the average age of both presenters and delegates – having expected there to be a bigger young presence, and it was really interesting to hear their thoughts on the conference which included a variety of topics. They expounded on Podcasts, especially when asked from the floor what would attract more young people to radio – the consensus was that snippets from Podcasts on Facebook would be a real draw. The session was really well attended, and it’s gratifying that so many people were really interested in what these young radio professionals were talking about.


They focused too on personalisation, emotion and creativity, and one young man was particularly interested by The Heart – he had no idea radio could be erotic!


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