Where to watch the Radiodays Europe Xmas Lunch

Starts at

Watch the Radiodays Xmas Lunch here! 

It’s here! The Radiodays Europe Xmas Lunch Today – Don’t miss it! 

The Networking Lounge Opens at 11.30 & Session starts at 13.00 CET

We will be opening The Networking Lounge from 11.30 CET and you are welcome to join us here for some table networking with real-time video chat and for some speed dating – see who you meet? The Lounge will be open from 11.30 until 13.00 CET when the session will begin!

1. Click on the button above in this mail to join the Networking Lounge and Sessions 
2. Fill in your details 
3. Start networking with real-time video chat and speed dating
4. Enjoy you Xmas Lunch with Radiodays Europe!

We look forward to seeing you there with some big messages coming through from Bauer, NRJ, BBC Radio 2, NRK, AER, EBU with messages from around Europe and special surprise guest slots and much more…

Speaking at the Xmas lunch….

Paul Keenan, President Audio, Bauer, UK, Jani Kareinen, Host, YleX, Finland, Helen Thomas, Head of BBC Radio 2, UK, Rui Maria Pego, Host, Rádio Comercial, Portugal, Øystein Røe Larsen, Morning host, Daniel Høglund, Host, Ulla Rafaelsen, Manager, Dyveke Skauge, Producer, The Team, P4 NRK, Norway, Stefan Möller, President, AER, Finland, Kaylee Golding, Presenter, Assistant Producer, BBC Wm, Reprezent Radio, Magic, UK, Cathinka Rondan, Head of Radio, NRK, Norway, Luca Viscardi, Producer, PD, Host, Mister Gadget, Italy, Martin Lepperød & Adelina Ibishi, Hosts, P3 NRK, Norway, Kamila Ceran, Programme Director, TOK FM, Piotr Jaroszewski, Programme Director & Editor-in-Chief, Agora, Poland, Helena Bremberg, SR, Sweden, Axel Kacoutié, Audio Artist & Poet, Today in Focus, Guardian, UK, Abiel Tesfai, NRK, Norway, Graham Dixon, Head of Radio, EBU, Switzerland, Arianrhod Engebø, Host, P3 NRK, Norway, Vassilis Vlachos, Head of the Production Team, Rythmos 949, Greece, Nadia Bellardi, Transcultural Consultant, CMFE, Switzerland, Niall Power, Host, Beat 102-103, Ireland, Tor Arnbjørn & Dorte Palle, The Team, Rakkerpak Podcast Company, Denmark, Helena Bremberg, Head of P4 Gotland, SR, Sweden, Fabien Randrianarisoa, Audio Producer, BFM TV, France, Bruce Daisley, Podcaster, Eat, sleep, work, repeat, UK, Marc Vossen, General Manager, Nostalgie, NRJ, Belgium…And a few more familiar faces!!!

*Please note it’s best to watch on a PC/Mac using the latest version of Chrome, if you are experiences problems with the link please copy and paste the link into your browser: https://www.airmeet.com/e/6f79b970-3afc-11eb-a73d-e576d5133221

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