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Camille Bondeville is the mastermind behind the Women in Tech + Radio Podcast. Bondeville works for DAVID Systems, a product and technology company that operates worldwide out of Munich, and this sparked the production of her podcast show. The Women in Tech + Radio Podcast was created with two specific objectives, motivated by a number of factors and has had an excellent reception since its launch. We spoke to Camille Bondeville to explore this initiative for women and understand more about it.

Bondeville created the Women in Tech + Radio Podcast with two objectives in mind. To help make DAVID a more attractive job destination to more women internally, and to start new conversations with different people outside of DAVID but within the radio ecosystem. As a Guerilla Marketing Manager, Bondeville is focused on using different strategies in order to convey her ideas. To bring more awareness to these objectives, Bondeville started the podcast at DAVID Systems as she felt it was an effective and creative starting point. Bondeville believes that by having more conversations with women through the podcast, they can effectively start these new conversations outside of DAVID Systems to motivate women to work for the company and the radio and tech ecosystem in general.  

In regards to motivation behind the podcast, Bondeville states that there are layers to this.  “First, it was to combine content creation and using our own DAVID tools. It is a great opportunity to learn more about our recording and editing solutions, namely ROAD and MTE, and it was even more interesting to do so by using my own content. We’ve effectively created a Podcast Production and Publishing suite via the initiative. Another motivation is the chance to learn more about people. The podcast has enabled some great discussions with the interviewees, that I wouldn’t have otherwise had the opportunity for.” Evidently, the podcast allows DAVID Systems to further their reach and share of their product capabilities, while also learning more about people through the creation of these in-depth industry interviews and their ability to give various women in the industry a platform to speak.

The Women in Tech + Radio podcast has had an excellent reception. DAVID Systems and Camille Bondeville have received fantastic feedback from various internal teams and external people who have listened to their podcast. They have also been able to build their network for future interviews. Bondeville told us that “one of the interviewees even thanked me for “making her a star!”’

DAVID Systems, under the guidance of Camille Bondeville, have been able to provide a channel for women to talk about the media industry, by leveraging their technological capabilities and being motivated creating content which encourages women to work with their products and to start new conversations outside of the radio ecosystem.

You can join in the initiative by participating in the European Women in Tech conference along a DAVID Systems team. The European Women in Tech Convention will be in Amsterdam this November 26-27.

If you would like to continue the conversation with Camille Bondeville and check out the Women in Tech + Radio podcast, you can go here:

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/1MksRC0OtEd7pxh7nBYOKe

Apple: https://podcasts.apple.com/podcast/women-in-tech-radio/id148081544

Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/user-725678209

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